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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Proper routine pool maintenance is crucial to protecting the rather large investment of a backyard water feature. Consistent water chemistry, vacuuming, brushing, skimming, and proper filtration are the keys to a well maintained pool.

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We provide weekly pool service to keep your swimming pool and spa in tip-top shape and allow you to enjoy those days when you want to do nothing more than relax.  Our Flat Rate Service Plan incorporates all the costs of your pool service into one flat, consistent bill.  No extra chemical bills or surprises. We take care of all aspects of your pool care to ensure that your future is full of relaxation.  Check out our Pool Service Portfolio and fill out our quote form or contact us to find out which service suits your swimming pool best.

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Pinellas Pool Solutions pool service is a locally owned and operated swimming pool service and maintenance company that specializes in residential swimming pools & spas.  Serving all cities in Pinellas County including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and more.  You will see your Pinellas Pool Solutions pool care expert from week to week during regular maintenance visits so your pool care professional can become familiar with your swimming pools chemistry and equipment issues . They will keep a watchful eye on your pool’s chemicals and filtration needs so they can keep your pool clean and sanitary.

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