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Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Pool

Why is my pool water cloudy?

Several things can cause a pool to lose its clarity – inadequate water circulation, chemical imbalance, poor filtration, low sanitizer levels or lack of oxidation.

How do I prevent algae growth?

Make sure the filter is clean, baskets are not clogged, and your basic water chemistry is balanced. (i.e. chlorine, pH., conditioner) If problems persist we like to start with phosphorus removers and then move to copper/silver algaecides.

Can algae really hurt my pool?

Yes! If left unchecked, algae can grow in free-floating patches or cling to pool walls. Not only can algae clog filters, it eventually can cause pool surface damage and impact swimmers’ health.

How does phosphorus effect my pool?

Algae feed on phosphorus. So the higher the levels in your pool, the more algae growth you will experience.

My pool always seems to be cloudy, what can I do?

You may have low conditioner levels, your filter may have holes in the grids or may need new cartridges. Or, you may just need a clarifier.

Should I drain my pool down due to rainstorms?

No, accept the free water and let the level come down naturally. A common misconception is that the pool will suddenly flood into the house. If the pool level gets to the top, it will simply run onto the deck and follow the path of the deck water.

What is conditioner? Why do I need it?

Conditioner is a simpler term for cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid provides a molecular bond to chlorine to extend the life of chlorine in the pool. Without it, maintaining a chlorine residual between service calls would be impossible, resulting in cloudy, algae conditions. Our company checks conditioner levels throughout the year and adds when necessary. This service is billed annually in the month of March at $60.00 per year.

Managing Your Account

What type of payments do you accept?

We primarily use Square for payments. They process almost all types of credit and debit cards such as: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept cash or check.

When will I be billed and when is payment due?

Generally, new customers will be billed upon the date of beginning service then will receive an invoice upon that same day of each month.

If you prefer a different payment schedule please Contact Us.

Is there ever any additional charges or fees added to the monthly bill?

Occasionally there may be additional fees added for items such as cartridge filter replacements, chlorine tab floaters, and skimmer baskets.  Also any necessary or requested special treatments that are outside the scope of general and routine maintenance will incur additional fees.  We generally ask for approval from the customer before adding additional fees but not always.  If there is ever any issue with any additional fees please contact us immediately.

Does your company do pool repair work?

Pinellas Pool Solutions does NOT do pool repair, pool construction, or pool inspections of any kind. We are not licensed to do pool repair, pool construction, or pool inspections. Our main focus is the cleanliness of your pool and spa. Any such work will ALWAYS be referred to a trusted and licensed affiliate.

How do I cancel my account?

You can Contact Us to discontinue service but we would prefer to discuss any issues that you are having with our service so we can try to resolve them and make our service better.

Still need help with something? Contact us for assistance.